VenaSeal Treatment

Using only medical glue and no heat, Venaseal achieves similar success rates to laser treatments and radiofrequency ablation.

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VenaSeal Treatment for Varicose Veins


VenaSeal is the most exciting new treatment for varicose veins. Now doctors are able to close off problem veins using medical-grade adhesive!

Other procedures involve using heat to create scar tissue that closes and seals varicose veins. Because VenaSeal doesn’t require any heat, it is even safer and more comfortable than other varicose vein procedures.

Not every vein can be treated with VenaSeal. Your doctor will tell you whether or not VenaSeal is right for you. The goal of VenaSeal treatment for varicose veins is to close off problem veins forever, reduce symptoms, and avoid vein disease complications such as blood clots.


What to expect during VenaSeal


Before your procedure, ultrasound will be used to find the veins to be treated. Local anesthetic is used to numb the entry site. Your doctor will insert a thin tube into the vein, then deliver small amounts of medical glue along the vein using ultrasound guidance. You may feel a slight tugging sensation. Once the vein has been treated, the tube is removed and a Band-aid is placed.

Most patients experience very little discomfort before or after the procedure and can resume normal activities immediately.

Why VenaSeal?

VenaSeal is quick, relatively painless, and does not have a recovery period. Because VenaSeal does not use heat to treat varicose veins, much less anesthesia is used, and bruising and discomfort are less. In many cases, compression stockings are not required after VenaSeal.

Benefits of Venaseal include:

  • It is quick and relatively painless
  • Less local anesthetic required
  • No recovery period
  • No need for compression stockings


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We treat the following:



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